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german pea geschko vaporized hydrogen peroxide generator is a convenient mobile equipment imported from germany for sterilization in clean rooms, transfer windows and isolators. the evaporator uses a unique dry flash technology to completely gasify the hydrogen peroxide gas, which has strong broad-spectrum sterilization effect and sterilization effect on bacillus stearothermophilus. it reaches log-6 level and is not easy to condensate on the surface of articles, so it has good material compatibility. after sterilization, catalysts are used to quickly degrade into water and oxygen to ensure safety. sterilization standards meet the requirements of fda, eu and cfda, and provide a complete 3q certification service.

vhp (dry process) has been used in europe and the united states for more than 30 years. it has been recognized by global customers as the safest, most efficient and most environmentally friendly sterilization method to replace formaldehyde and ozone. sterilization process of vaporized hydrogen peroxide is very mature and has good repeatability. there are special chemical and biological indicators to verify the uniformity of hydrogen peroxide gas distribution and sterility assurance level.

main applications:

gmp clean room workshop sterile process equipment

biosafety laboratory transfer compartment, etc.

product characteristics
  • effective sterilization

    it is suitable for broad-spectrum sterilization of fungi, bacteria, viruses and spores. the sterilization ability of the most difficult-to-kill thermophilic bacillus stearothermophilus is guaranteed to sal < 10-6. it is easy to verify with chemical and biological indicators.

  • safe and non-corrosive

    strict international standards, low-temperature biological disinfection method, can quickly degrade into non-toxic h_2o and o_2; dry process completely vaporization control humidity and non-condensation, compatible with sensitive electronic equipment, color steel plate and other sensitive materials;

  • third generation flash technology

    the third generation flash evaporation technology in germany is used to completely vaporize into gaseous hydrogen peroxide. with liro gas distribution system and automatic dehumidification system, the uniform gas distribution can be ensured. it takes only 4-6 hours to complete the efficient sterilization.

  • mobile intelligent type

    mobile sterilizer meets the sterilization requirement of your changeable space and multiple space; the operation interface adopts siemens plc, which can set up 13 to 500 programs; and external pad remote intelligent control.

  • compliance

    complying with gmp design in us, europe and china, product operation conforms to fda 21 cfr part11, data integrity, audit tracking function and perfect verification service.

  • german quality

    german manufacturing technology, original import, strict international quality standard guarantee

technical parameter

sterilization space

single station0~600m³(customizable; more than one in series)

feeding speed


concentration of admixture


vaporization temperature


injection rate


power supply


equipment dimensions



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