since its establishment, alit life sciences has been committed to providing advanced equipment, technology and services for the life sciences and biotechnology industry. insist on constantly improving product innovation and customer value, build a perfect product system, in addition to independent research and development of countstar cell analyzer, or a number of european and american biological equipment suppliers in china's partners, to provide customers with all kinds of laboratory instruments, testing reagents and production equipment from research and development to production. the company's customers are mainly leading biopharmaceutical, cell therapy, biomedicine and various biotechnology companies in china, as well as a large number of basic life sciences research and government laboratories. we have become an important supplier of instruments and equipment in china's life science and biotechnology industry. has a good reputation in the industry and customers.

the company was founded in 2005. its headquarters and r&d center are located in shanghai. it has offices in europe, beijing, guangzhou and chengdu. for more than ten years, we have adhered to our ideals and never forgotten our first thoughts. with the responsibility of "innovating to change the future, refueling for scientific and technological progress", we adhere to global r&d, global sales and chinese production in today's globalization. it has obtained many patents of invention authorized by china, the united states and japan. continuously provide the most valuable products and technical solutions for the industrialization of life sciences.

we believe that the value of our team's existence is the same as that of our customers: to bring care to human beings. facing the future, all "elite" people will continue to exert their professional advantages accumulated for many years to provide customers with innovative products and technical solutions of high quality and high value.

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