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since the outbreak of sars in 2003, the construction of bio-safety laboratory has made great progress and rapid development in china. bio-safety laboratories were built in many fields, such as research of biological virus, development of biological technology and genetic engineering. bio-safety laboratory has its own characteristics compared with common laboratory. among the laboratories with different bio-safety levels, bsl-3/4 is mainly used for the research and detection of highly contagious, severe infectious disease for human and livestock, so its safety is extremely important. if the experimental materials or laboratory space are not properly protected, it may cause infection of laboratory personnel, or even virus leakage, leading to a large area of virus infection and serious public pollution safety events.

the large-scale sterilization cabinet of bio-safety level 3 laboratory produced by mmm group of germany adopts many special features, such as shockproof bio-safety seal, steam inlet designed at the bottom of chamber, condensate collection and re-sterilization, on-line sterilizable air inlet and exhaust filter device, special shape sealing ring, etc. it can greatly reduce the possibility of infection and virus leakage.

because the samples in bsl-3/4 are highly infectious to human and livestock, it is necessary to sterilize the core area of laboratory and even the whole laboratory space after each experiment to ensure that the laboratory is always on standby without pathogens. in the past, when formaldehyde was used for sterilization, the laboratory would have irritating smell for a long term, white crystals that are difficult to remove and the risk of laboratory corrosion. therefore, more and more bio-safety level 3/4 laboratories (bsl-3/4) use the method of dry vaporized hydrogen peroxide for sterilization. the vaporized hydrogen peroxide space sterilizer of pea company in germany has the advantages of convenient movement, real-time monitoring of sterilization environment (temperature, humidity, hydrogen peroxide concentration), complete gasification at 150~160 and compliance with various laws and regulations. it is widely used in bsl-3/4 laboratories in china and foreign countries.

in order to reduce the times of opening the safety door and minimize the risk of contamination of the laboratory and the external space of the laboratory, more and more new laboratories use double door hydrogen peroxide transfer hatch to transfer small items. pea company of germany can provide double door hydrogen peroxide transfer hatches of various volumes. hydrogen peroxide generator is integrated in the equipment to avoid waste of laboratory space; the inner chamber is made of aisi 316l stainless steel, which can resist 30% ~ 35% hydrogen peroxide solution corrosion for a long time; german siemens controller is adopted to realize double door interlock and authority control management.

the large-scale sterilization cabinet of bio-safety level iii laboratory produced by mmm group of germany realizes the function of temporary double door hydrogen peroxide transfer hatch by selecting and configuring the external mobile hydrogen peroxide generator with h2o2 interface.

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