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aralabreach-in plant growth chamber / walk-in environment growth room

aralab plantresearch lights / plant growth lighting solutions

cool-white fluorescent 840

white led. two options, with more or less red andfar red spectrum

leds:single color led tubes available in blue,white, green, red and far red

valoya led with multiple spectra combinations

ceramic metal discharge philips 315wfullspectrumcmd

high performance led or fluorescent

heliospectra rx30 leds

0~100% light intensities adjustable

aralab reach-inplant growth chamber / plh walk-in environment growth room

plant growth
• tissue culture / in-vitro
• arabidopsis
• germination
• algae research
• entomology
• insect rearing
• other life sciences applications

aralab hp walk-inenvironment growth room

• wheat
• corn
• rice
• cotton
• coffee
• cork
• large and tall plants in general
• plants needing high and intense light

aralab reach-inplant growth chamber with color leds

• photosynthesis research
• plant light reaction study


mmmreach-in plant growth chamber

the conditioned chambers of the climacell productline provide temperature and humidity conditions for exact and reproduciblesimulation of various climatic conditions for plant or tissue cultures, andinsects. microprocessor-controlled system of humidification anddehumidification with a powerful lighting system(light shelves and door light)guarantees excellent homogenous parameters for growth conditions.

the high technical standard of our friocellincubators keep temperature, precise both in time and space. the unique coolingsystem offers an exact and cost saving simulation of the selected natural processesand reduces the samples evaporation. with a powerful lighting system(lightshelves and door light), the incubators provide a better condition for botanyand plant growth, where it allows an extremely low duration of the temperaturerecovery.

alit life science's global partners provide world-leading plant growth chambers and walk-in plant growth rooms with accuracy, reliability and repeatability of all environmental conditions. they use science and technology to improve their products and achieve accurate simulation and control of temperature, humidity, light, pressure, wind speed and other environmental conditions. alit and its partners have decades of rich experience and accumulated a lot of technical data for plant lighting research, and can customize the design of professional and senior light source solutions for customers.

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