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countstar rigel fully automatic fluorescent cell analysis ceremony: an image-based method for detection, combined with multi-fluorescent channels, collects cell information from images and carries out quantitative analysis. it combines fluorescence microscopy with statistical population analysis. it can not only provide statistical data of cell populations, but also obtain individual cells. images provide cellular morphological information. the unique image acquisition system generates both bright field and four fluorescent images, which makes the experimental results more intuitive.

in addition, countstar rige conceals eu ce certification and can develop detection reagents, procedures and instruments according to the application of customers. the experimental operation is fast and convenient, which provides an overall solution for fluorescent cell analysis.

main applications:
pbmc and primary dai cell count apoptosis ao/pi activity rate
cell cycle cd maker analysis antibody affinity
analysis of transfection efficiency cell killing
product characteristics
  • professional design

    integrated design, farewell to pc era;
    simple operation, automatic and fast detection of touch screen;
    flexible cell analysis procedure, "app" management procedure

  • automated multi-fluorescence detection

    up to 13 fluorescence channels can be detected by a combination of 4 excitation light and 5 detector filters, and 4 fluorescence channels can be simultaneously detected by a single experiment with automatic light path switching.

  • patent technology

    patented "fixed focus" technology, without manual focusing, reduces human error;
    patent image recognition and intelligent cell segmentation. single cell identifies 20 parameters, and the details are at a glance

  • high precision and high stability

    the results are accurate and can be compared with flow pattern; large sample size reduces statistical error; cv < 5% between sample holes and sample boards; cv < 5% measured by the same instrument many times and by different instruments.

  • fcs class flow software (optional)

    fcs epress can perform single/multicellular analysis parameter setting and cell image analysis, especially in countsar rigel combined with fcs epress, which can analyze cell cycle and help users get more analysis results.

  • compliance

    complying with gmp and fda 21 cfr part 11 regulations; complete 3q verification and standard particle calibration; humanized, reliable and traceable database management

technical parameter
measuring diameter range 3μm~280μm
concentration range 1×10⁴
objective lens magnification
imaging element 140megapixel ccd camera
usb 500gb
built-in storage 1×usb3.0 1×usb2.0
power supply 110-220v/ac,50/60hz
screen 10.4inch
weight 13kg(28lb)
size(w×d×h) machine dimensions:254×303×453mm outer packing dimensions:430×370×610mm
working temperature 10℃~ 40℃
working temperature 20%~80%

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