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in the top 10 global drug sales in 2018, there are 8 antibody drugs, including 6 monoclonal antibody drugs, and the total sales of 2 fusion proteins account for 76% of the top 10 total sales. six of the eight anti-tumor drugs in the top 10 list are anti-tumor drugs (except adalimumab and arbacip), which are mainly aimed at the hot targets such as tnf - α, pd-1, her-2, cd20 and vegf. the anti-tumor drugs play an increasingly important role in the field of tumor treatment.           

at present, china has become the country with the largest number of antibody drugs under research. more than 200 antibody drugs have been approved for clinical trials. some products have completed phase iii clinical trials and submitted applications for market registration. at present, the most popular target of antibody drug research has been approved for listing in 9 varieties, and the products of many enterprises are in the stage of market approval or phase iii clinical stage.           

alit life science co., ltd. has been engaged in the antibody industry for many years. it has independently developed countstar series cell analyzers, integrated the advanced biopharmaceutical technology in europe and the united states, and the whole process of aseptic control solutions. it provides the international advanced high-quality and high stability compliance instruments and technical services for the upstream and downstream process of the antibody industry and the filling process of preparations, so as to reduce operating costs and risks to improve the competitiveness of the industry.

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